Transforming low-cost biomass into high-value efficient fuel

Active Energy Group plc is a London listed (AIM: AEG) renewable energy company focused on traditional and second generation biomass products that have the potential to transform the traditional coal fired-power industry and develop an international forestry management business.

Proprietary Process

The Company has developed proprietary technology that produces CoalSwitch™, a true “drop-in fuel”, and PeatSwitch™ that both have unique and commercial value across multiple industrial and domestic applications.



The world’s only drop-in biomass fuel that can be mixed at any ratio with coal or completely replace coal in existing coal-fired power stations without requiring plant modification.


A revolutionary and environmentally friendly beneficiated organic soil substrate free of hazardous substances that utilises forestry and agricultural waste streams to produce a superior alternative to peat moss.


A new solid fuel product, certified by the Polish Government for industrial and domestic use, that utilises CoalSwitch™ as an additive blended with reclaimed and cleaned waste coal fines recovered from environmentally damaging coal slurry dumps.

Feedstock and Forestry

The Company is developing a sustainable international forestry management business to support feedstock supply for CoalSwitch™ and PeatSwitch™ operations, in addition to monetising underutilised or undervalued forestry assets. Importantly the CoalSwitch™ and PeatSwitch™ process utilises all waste wood which can potentially transform the economic value of forestry businesses, including forestry and sawmill operations.