Advanced Biomass Solutions

Revolutionary biomass ‘drop-in’ coal replacement fuel for industrial power generation

Advanced Biomass Solutions Plc is a UK company formed for the development and global commercial roll out of the world's first direct drop-in replacement biomass fuel, CoalSwitch™. This disruptive and transformative fuel has the ability to transform the coal energy dynamic.  Its unique qualities allow the fuel to be directly mixed in any ratio or completely replace coal in existing unmodified coal-fired power stations, negating the need for expensive retrofitting or avoiding complete plant closure. 

CoalSwitch™ is a cellulose-based fuel utilising low value waste-wood, forestry, pulp mill and saw mill by-products, chemically-treated timber wastes, palm oil residues including empty fruit bunch and oil palm trunk, as well as a variety of other biomass feedstocks.  Unlike almost all biomass based pellets, it does not use high-quality wood but instead utilises low-cost waste material which translate into significant economic benefits.

The product has been developed over a nine-year period by a team of dedicated scientific and industry specialists.  Significant investment has already proven the efficacy and economic viability of the product, which has laid the foundation for its commercial roll out, which is now underway.  Importantly, the manufacturing process developed by the team has utilised a wide range of cellulose feedstock which subsequently translates it into a truly global product.

CoalSwitch™ has unique characteristics in terms of calorific value and friability (the ability to be ground to very fine powder), performing well on all metrics in comparison to coal.  It increases energy density and bulk density of biomass to levels comparable to coal and as a result, the costs to transport CoalSwitch™ are highly efficient relative to any other coal alternative, and 62% more cost effective than white biomass pellets.  The product is hydrophobic, therefore removing the need for expensive weatherproof storage facilities/silos, which is unlike white pellet fuel that requires climate controlled storage and shipping.  Importantly the product can be economically pelletised, briquetted, or baled, either alone or blended with coal without costly binders.  When co-fired with coal, it improves coal-burning efficiency and will provide power plants an easy route to carbon emission reductions.  The manufacturing process utilises no chemicals and leaves no harmful residues and all CoalSwitch™ plants are modular, thus de-risking the scale-up of production.

Testing and verification has been completed by the University of Utah over the last two years, and demonstrates that CoalSwitch™ significantly outperforms white pellet products, which are currently utilised by biomass power plants.  

The roll out is focussing on jurisdictions where ABS has identified the potential for long-term, high volume feedstock arrangements and numerous utilities across the world have requested delivery of quantities of CoalSwitch™ to burn- test in their facilities.  Many coal-fired power plants worldwide face closure as a result of carbon emission reduction initiatives or will be forced to invest enormous sums to change their facilities, which represents the huge commercial opportunity for CoalSwitch™.  The Company effectively has a unique solution to enable coal-fired power plants to continue operating at acceptable environmental standards. To facilitate the expansion, ABS has divided targeted jurisdictions into America, Europe and Asia, and has appropriate representation in those areas in terms of business development and technical support.