AEG CoalSwitch

AEG CoalSwitch is focussed on the production and sale of CoalSwitch™, the world’s first biomass-derived drop-in coal replacement solid fuel.
Developed over a nine-year period by a team of dedicated scientific, engineering and industry specialists, CoalSwitch™ is game changing for the domestic heating and thermal energy generation businesses. With the investment stage now complete and demonstration plants in operation, the revolutionary biomass fuel is now being rolled-out commercially in North America and Europe through the AEG CoalSwitch brand, with end users including governments, power generators, corporates and forestry owners. The product is available globally, although the Company is currently focused on jurisdictions identified with the potential to secure long-term, high volume feedstock arrangements and have prioritised North America and Europe.
AEG’s PeatSwitch™ product has been enthusiastically accepted by the agronomic industry as a superior organic soil substrate suitable for both domestic and agricultural applications. PeatSwitch™ can be produced from forestry and agricultural residues and combined with animal manure and beneficial microbiological organisms to produce fertile organic soils specifically tailored to the particular plant species. With PeatSwitch™ as the carbon backbone, growers can effectively “recycle” their own organic waste streams to produce custom engineered soil, substantially reducing the need to introduce expensive fertilizers.
AEG’s newest product, SuperFuel™, is the proven solution to pressing environmental mandates to remediate legacy coal slurry dumps and to reduce carbon emissions. It was developed through AEG’s joint venture with Cobant, LLC to promote the recovery of environmentally damaging coal fines store for decades in coal slurry ponds across Europe and North America. AEG’s and Cobant’s combined strengths were brought to bear to develop processes to economically extract and wash coal fines and to add CoalSwitch™ as a binder to form viable briquettes suitable for burning in existing coal plants. The Polish Government recently approved, after extensive testing, SuperFuel™ for both domestic and industrial consumption.


Advance Biomass Solutions

Advanced Biomass Solutions (ABS), with an established office in Malaysia, was established to produce and market CoalSwitch™ and PeatSwitch™ in Asia. ABS has targeted the already underserved and still rapidly expanding Japanese and Korean markets where demand for high energy density, clean and sustainable solid fuel is expected to increase year-on-year by {xx%}.
A particularly exciting and unique opportunity is for ABS to use Asian biomass waste streams including oil palm residues including trunks, empty fruit bunches and palm fronds as feedstock for CoalSwitch™, thereby creating a new market for the palm oil industry while dramatically reducing their environmental impact. The CoalSwitch™ technology affords palm oil companies the opportunity to greatly improve their environmental credentials and comply with increasing strict government regulations.


Timberlands International Ltd

Timberlands invests in, manages and develops forestry assets and lumber projects internationally. Its mission is to develop and manage undervalued and under-utilised forestry assets to maximise their economic benefits, create social and economic advantages at a local level, and promote environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain.
Timberlands’ business model creates a fully integrated supply, manufacturing and logistics chain that encompass all the operations required to transform, market and distribute wood products from the forest to the end user; this innovative approach secures long term sustainable and environmentally responsible value increase. Commercial options include selling long-term tree farming permits with cutting rights to independent timberland investors and timber industry firms, joint venture arrangements with third parties to create on-site logging and processing operations, chipping and pelleting, as well as the potential to utilise low-grade timber and forestry thinnings for the local production of CoalSwitch™, Active Energy’s coal replacement fuel. With access to CoalSwitch™ technology, the economics of forest management can be significant enhanced.
Timberlands has prioritised interests in Newfoundland & Labrador and Alberta, Canada and continually evaluates potential forestry opportunities elsewhere in North America and Europe.