Commercial Partners

Georgia Renewable Power LLC

In October 2018, Active Energy entered into a joint venture agreement to install CoalSwitch facilities with Georgia Renewable Power LLC ("GRP"), a US company that owns and will operate three biomass-to-energy power plants located in Lumberton, North Carolina; Colbert, Georgia; and Carnesville, Georgia, with a total power generation capacity of approximately 165 Megawatts (MW). The initial CoalSwitch™ plant will be installed adjacent to its Lumberton site. The JV will leverage the significant synergies between GRP and AEG’s businesses including utilising GRP’s established steam and drying infrastructure at its power plants and allowing AEG access to its surplus biomass feedstock. The JV also intends to evaluate the potential of new feedstock constituents for CoalSwitch™ including poultry litter.


Cobant Sp. z o.o

Cobant Sp. z o.o. is a Polish research, development and coal recovery/production company active in the land reclamation, environmental services and energy sectors. In March 2018, Active Energy formed a joint venture with Cobant to explore opportunities to commercialise the Company's unique CoalSwitch™ coal additive in blends with reclaimed coal from coal slurry dumps in Upper Silesia, Poland. This has led to the development of the Company’s ‘SuperFuel’ which is set to promote the utilisation of coal fines and solve a significant environmental issue, prevalent in Eastern Europe.

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